Important Vagrant Message for CS:GO

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Important Vagrant Message for CS:GO

Postby GG_Allin » Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:43 am

Hello everyone,

As we know the CS Go beta went public for preorders today.... similar to source there is an ingame tag system used to represent Vagrant. You can access this while in game at esc/options, when selecting your tag, most of you are in 2 Vagrant groups, one private, one public... so you will see two options to set your tag to Vagrant. Select the 1st Vagrant selection when browsing left to right. Simple. All members of Vagrant are required to properly wear and represent your clan by wearing our tag in game.

Do not worry about the | between the tag and your name. We will not use it as of yet for this game. The tag for Source will remain the same as always, but currently not for CS:Go, this may change in the future..
The game also allows the capacity for large names so I now wear our website after my name like this. GG Allin *VagrantClan.Com*. You also may do this in any fashion as long at the link is clearly readable.

Recruitment is open and all members are encouraged to actively promote and refer new players interested in joining to our website and teamspeak. Feel free to invite new people on Teamspeak while you are playing.

Thank You.
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Re: Important Vagrant Message for CS:GO

Postby Fiver » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:33 pm

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